Back in school…

Photo of Andreas F. Bobak in the Studio. …my best end of year mark was for drawing. It never counted towards the final average, because I decided to make music my art-related subject. You need to know that I have been playing the guitar since the age of seven in order to understand that decision.

After writing too many lines of code and fighting my way through too many meetings as a developer in the financial sector, I finally realized that visual arts is more than a passion of mine.

And so, I’m back at doing what I love to do:

Since 2007, I am running a small boutique studio for photography in the old part of Zurich called “Oberdorf”.

It is not a typical boutique studio and I am not your typical photographer. Then again, most photographers would probably say that. If you visit me in the studio, you’ll find photos on every flat surface except the floor. You’ll find books about photography, typography, design, and the odd bit on software development. (I try my best to hide those though.)

Every now and again things get cleaned up. But paper and equipment have the tendency to creep back onto my desk and tables after a couple of days.

This is where things get produced, rethought, printed out, deleted, torn apart, and ultimately improved. Until they’re ready to be shown.

If you’re in the area, please come by and have a look yourself.

You can knock on the glass door and I’ll open it for you even if it says “Closed” outside. My studio is an unexpected great big bright space with high ceilings – right in the heart of Zurich.

(And it has lovely acoustics for playing classical instruments, too!)

Official Studio Address

Unfortunately we had to give up our lovely location in the old town in December 2013. Since then we don’t have a physical studio anymore.

Email: info@afb-studio.com